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HongKongSpeedDating - Speed Dating and Online Dating Welcome to HongKongSpeedDating – We are a social networking website based in Hong Kong. The goal is to provide a safe and easy environment for you to meet other singles located in Hong Kong; to make new pen pals, develop friendship, helping you to find a soulmate and lifetime companion. Please take this free opportunity to join this new social platform. spacer


Dating Tips

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  1. Tips To Creating A Profile That Works
  2. Dos And Don’ts On Your FIRST DATE
  3. The Worst Things To Say On A First Date
  4. Preparing For A Blind Date
  5. Is He Interested in me?
  6. Is She Interested in me?

  1. Tips To Creating A Profile That Works
    After browsing through numerous dating websites out there, finally you decide to give it a try. So, what’s the next step? Needless to say, creating a profile of your own is what you need to do in order to “advertise” yourself to others. Not only do you need to compose a little essay about yourself, you also need to make sure what you write will be interesting and attractive. You want to make sure what is written in your profile will catch others’ attention, thereby increasing the number of people contacting you. Following are some helpful tips for profile writing:

    1. Be specific of what you are looking for

    Whether you are looking for friendships or a love relationship, say it out loud. State it clearly in your profile so to save your time as well as other people’s time.

    2. Be Honest

    It always kicks off with emailing, chatting through ICQ or MSN, talking over the phone, and then meeting face-to-face. Don’t be telling lies to people that you might eventually meet up with. It is important for you to exercise caution in what you write. For instance, you don’t want to include any personal identifiable information such as your last name, your address, and your phone number in your profile. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make up stories about yourself or try to be something or someone that you are not.

    3. Show off

    Don’t be shy. Show off what you want others to know about you. For example, instead of saying that you are a funny person, include a joke in your profile. The impact will be much greater. Highlight your characteristics that you think will make you distinctive. After all, you do want to stand out from the crowd.

    4. Attach a photo

    A picture is better than a thousand words. Profiles with photos included always receive more responses than otherwise.

    5. Review your profile

    Last but not least, always review your profile thoroughly before posting it. You don’t want any false information included in your profile to mislead other people.

  2. Dos And Don’ts On Your FIRST DATE
    Be On Time:

    There is never a second chance to make the first impression. Be punctual on your first date. Let your date know you are respectful and sincere on your first date.

    Be Well Dressed:

    Remember, this is your first date. Save your casual wear or funky looks for later. Show off yourself for the first time.

    Be Yourself

    Be Confident. Be Yourself. Don’t try to be someone or something that you are not.

    Talk naturally

    Don’t brag about yourself. You don’t want to be mistaken as an arrogant person by your date. Just talk naturally. Keep the entire conversation positive and avoid bringing up anything negative.

    Don’t answer your cell phone:

    If possible, avoid answering your cell phone during your first date. Be attentive and listen to what your date has to say. Keep the conversation flow going.

    Don’t talk about your past relationships:

    Whether it’s a compliment or a complaint, do not talk about your ex-partners. Your first date is also an indication of a new start. Focus on the person you are presently with. Let your date know you are interested in getting to know better about him/her.

    Thank your date:

    Be courteous. Don’t forget to thank your date.

  3. The Worst Things To Say On A First Date
    The Worst Things To Say On A First Date

    Watch your big mouth! The following are the worst things that someone could say on a first date!

    To her…..

    “So, your half of the bill is $……..”

    “Can I have your number please?” (asking the waitress)

    “Do you mind if I take this call (cellphone)?”

    “Are you considering getting a thigh-master/step-master?”

    “Your dress is beautiful but it looks a little tight on you.”

    To him…..

    “Oh it’s getting late. I better call my parents.”

    “You know…you could probably benefit from working out.”

    “I cannot believe you think this is a nice place to dine in.”

    “I had a good time. By the way, what is your name again?”

  4. Preparing For A Blind Date
    Going on a blind date can be nerve wrecking. Following are some tips that might be helpful.

    1. Do not have expectations: Expectations can lead to major disappointments or shocks. Don’t be unrealistic and don’t start up a fantasy. It’s much safer to expect a nice and decent companion.

    2. Pick the right place: Pick a neutral place like a coffee shop or a restaurant where conversation can be led. You want to sit down comfortably where your thoughts and ideas can be exchanged

    3. Be Yourself: Don’t put on a mask. Don’t try to pretend to be something that you aren’t or to know something that you actually don’t. Remember, as nervous as you can possibly be, your date will very likely be feeling the same.

    4. Plan for an escape route: Let your date know in the beginning that you have plans already with a friend later on. This allows you to have an excuse to get out if things don’t go well.

    5. Be Open Minded: Remember, even you don’t see the chances of a second date, at least you have made a new acquaintance and met a new friend.

  5. Is He Interested in me?
    How do you know if a guy finds you attractive or not? How can you tell whether he is interested in you or not? The following signs might have you some hints:

    He is interested if he……

    –> smiles at you all the time from the other end of the room.

    –> is making sure that he looks his best in front of you. He would, for example straighten his tie or brush his tie to make sure he is attracted to you.

    –> listens to you and make eye contacts with you instead of staring at your breasts.

    –> holds your glance a little longer.

    –> leans toward your direction.

    –> hooks his thumbs into his belt loops, broadening his shoulders making himself to appear larger and more powerful.

    He is NOT interested if he…..

    –> laughs at you with his friends.

    –> tries to get away whenever you are approaching him.

    –> doesn’t talk to you when the opportunity arises.

    –> doesn’t return your phone calls.

  6. Is She Interested in me?
    “I know that I like her. But does she like me?” Are you also asking this question to yourself? Would you like to find out whether a woman is attracted to you or not? Check out the following and see if you can find your answer:

    She is interested if she……

    –> touches you. Such little things include a tap on your shoulder or a grab on your arm to guide to over to another directions.

    –> smiles at you a lot on the date.

    –> leans close to you while you talk to her.

    –> tilts her head while glancing at you.

    –> compliments you.

    She is NOT interested if she……

    –> gives you quick and short answers.

    –> avoids making eye contact with you.

    –> ignores questions that you ask her and pretends that she didn’t hear them.

    –> talks to everybody else but you.

    –> backs away from you and focuses back with her friends.

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