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HongKongSpeedDating - Speed Dating and Online Dating Welcome to HongKongSpeedDating – We are a social networking website based in Hong Kong. The goal is to provide a safe and easy environment for you to meet other singles located in Hong Kong; to make new pen pals, develop friendship, helping you to find a soulmate and lifetime companion. Please take this free opportunity to join this new social platform. spacer


About Us

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  1. HongKongSpeedDating is a unique social service that brings together the concept of Speed Dating (Fast Dating) and Online Dating (Internet Dating).

    Online Dating, allows anyone to to meet new friends through the web.

    This type is suitable for:
    1. people who wish to meet a person in other locations or countries
    2. people who do not want to be seen immediately or directly (due to shyness or inconvenience)
    3. Busy people who do not have time and resources to to join local events

    Speed Dating, is a matchmaking social event (group dating), where a group of usually 15-30 males will be arranged to talk to other 15-30 females, in a 5-7 minutes one-to-one individual talking session.

    This type is suitable for:
    1. people who can join local events
    2. people who wish to see the physical presentation of other candidates immediately
    3. people who wish to meet a large number of people at once, thereby to pick the best who meets self-requirements.

    Due to the constant increase of single young professionals, the idea of Speed Dating and Online Dating in Hong Kong has widely accepted nowadays. More and more people seek opportunities to meet people outside their study or working environment, and thereby the necessity of Online Dating and Speed Dating.

  2. DETAILS of SPEED DATING EVENTS: According to an American research, people normally need 5-7 minutes to find out the chance of developing a relationship, which is how the idea of Speed Dating was established.

    1. In Speed Dating Events, equal numbers of males and females will be arranged to sit in a pair, and then talk to each other for 5-7 minutes.

    2. After the 5-7 minutes, males will rotate to talk to the next female for another 5-7 minutes.

    3. The process will repeat until everyone finished talking to everyone.

    4. In a sheet of paper, both males and females will mark a check on the person they have interest further knowing.

    5. The marked sheet of paper will be collected from all participants when the event ends.

    6. If mutual interest has been found among participants, such males and females will receive an follow-up email with contacts information of the other person.

  3. Details for Online Dating: is a web service which allows individuals to meet new friends over the Internet, with the objective of developing friendship or love relationship.

    1. To begin, a person register online to become a member, then post up personal information, allowing other members to get to know him/her.

    2. while others will search for him/her, this person will also start searching in this website, for people who meets his/her requirements for friendship or love relationship.

    3. After finding these people, he/she will need to begin communicating with them, by sending out emails through this website.

    4. If both sides have successfully established enough trust, they may ask other forms of contact information, with the hope of arranging a real meeting in the future.

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